Georgia County Road Crew Training Resources

Cogongrass (Imperata cylindrica) is one of the worst invasive plants we have in the South. Infestations of this grass are widespread in Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi, but at present, we have relatively few infestations in only 28 Georgia counties. Lessons learned from these other states can help prevent spread in Georgia. In 2008, a Cogongrass Cooperative Weed Management Area was established for Georgia to combat this invasive weed.

State, federal and private agencies are partners in this effort and Georgia is fortunate to have an innovative program through the Georgia Forestry Commission to treat cogongrass infestations at no cost to the landowner. This spring there will be a state-wide effort to educate the public and land managers on cogongrass. A key part of this will be training for county road crews on protocols to ID and reduce spread during their maintenance activities. This link has information and resources for Georgia Extension agents to conduct a short informational training program for their county road crews.




For program information and resources, contact:

Center for Invasive Species & Ecosystem Health
University of Georgia
P.O. Box 748
Tifton, GA 31793 USA
Phone (229)386-3298

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