About Cogongrass.org

The University of Georgia’s Center of Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health (www.bugwood.org) develops and provides information and support for invasive species education, outreach, control, and mapping across the South, as well as programs nationally and internationally on all taxa of invasive species along with links to the Southeast Exotic Pest Plant Council (SE-EPPC), state EPPCs and to EDDMapS through www.invasive.org.

Of specific relevance to cogongrass efforts is www.cogongrass.org which provides comprehensive information on cogongrass in Georgia along with links to other southeastern state efforts on cogongrass. To date, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina and Texas have on-going research, education and/or control programs that are supported by university, state and federal agency cooperators. See www.cogongrass.org/links for links to state programs and cooperators.

Stripling, Inc. Support

The Family of C.M. and Bernice Stripling is once again showing their tremendous generosity with another significant gift to the UGA Foundation in the form of a $60,000 Entrepreneurial Gift for SW Georgia as a way to honor the family patriarch. This contribution is to be split three ways between CAES (for student internships), Academic Affairs (for economic development in SW Georgia), and the Warnell School (to support Dr. David Moorhead’s research on managing the invasive species Cogongrass). C.M. (who passed away in 2006) and Bernice Stripling are avid supporters of education, agriculture and forestry in Georgia. Mr. Stripling was the 1986 Georgia Tree Farmer of the Year and the 1987-88 National Tree Farmer of the Year. Long-time residents of Camilla, Georgia, the Striplings have fought with much success for timber tax relief and have been major contributors to the success of the School and the forestry community in the state. To date, the Stripling family has funded two separate student scholarships at the Warnell School. This most recent gift was organized by the couples’ son Charles, and presented to UGA officials on August 28 at the Stripling Irrigation Park in Camilla, Ga.

Front row: Ali Gant (Warnell School), Kay Stripling Byer, Bernice Stripling Back row: Ron Hendrick & Dave Moorhead (Warnell School), Charles & Patsy Stripling