Georgia County Road Crew Training Resources

Information and resources for Georgia Extension agents to conduct a short informational training program for their county road crews. More


The Cultivar 'Red Baron'?

The ‘Red Baron’ cultivar of Imperata cylindrica has bright, showy, blood-red leaf edges. It is frequently sold across the U.S. in plant nurseries and is widely available over the Internet for ornamental use. It is often described as being non-invasive, although published proof of this claim is lacking. More

Alabama Cogongrass Aerial Photographs

In open fields and forests cogongrass initially forms circular infestations that appear light green in summer and light brown in winter as can be viewed in these oblique aerial photographs. In later stages of invasion, circular infestations can merge and linear infestations can form along highways, fences, and around water bodies. More


Identification Field Guide

Cogongrass has a unique combination of characteristics that make field identification possible. This field guide describes and illustrates these characteristics and compares them to other grass species common found in similar habitats. More