Setting Up a Cogongrass Training for Road Crews

Last spring I conducted short training sessions for county road crews in many of the SW District counties where cogongrass is most prevalent. But, the threat is statewide, so we need to expand our training program. We have developed a brief presentation for road crew training that extension agents can use for training along with business card-sized ID guide to hand out to the crews. A narrated version of the presentation is also provided. A training program will take less than 30 minutes & I usually do them first thing in the morning before the crews leave the shop. The local extension agent and the Georgia Forestry Commission Ranger attend the meetings and serve as the point of contact with the country Road Supervisor to report suspected infestations. The Georgia forestry Commission will check the sites & if confirmed arrange for control treatments at no cost to the landowner. Road crews are asked not to mow, grade or move soil from suspect sites until determination is made as to the presence/absence of cogongrass.

Contact Dave Moorhead for details about setting up a meeting and please let him know if you conduct a meeting in your county.





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