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Proceedings of the Regional Cogongrass Conference: Cogongrass Workshop

Natural Areas Association and the National Association of Exotic Pest Plants Councils

Florida State University Conference Center
Tallahassee, FL
November 3, 2011

Cogongrass is a growing threat as it continues its rapid spread across the Southeast, reducing forest and pasture productivity, destroying wildlife habitat, impacting rights of ways and presenting an extreme fire hazard.

The purpose of this conference is to convey the latest understanding in restoring lands, managing, controlling and eradicating cogongrass, and to explore existing and needed networks for coordinating strategies for successful cogongrass management.



Overview of Regional Cogongrass Efforts 
J. Miller, USDA Forest Service, Emeritus Scientist – Presentation

State Cogongrass Control Efforts in Florida and New Grant 
Jeff Eickwort, FL Division of Forestry – Presentation

State Cogongrass Control Efforts in Georgia 
Mark McClure, GA Forestry Commission –  Presentation

State Cogongrass Control Efforts in Alabama 
Will Autry, Larson & McGowin, ACCC – Presentation

State Cogongrass Control Efforts in Mississippi 
Randy Chapin, MS Forestry Commission – Presentation

State Cogongrass Control Efforts in South Carolina 
Tim Davis, SC Department of Plant Industry – Presentation

Multiscale Ecological Understanding of Cogongrass: Landscape Genetics and Habitat Modeling
R. Lucardi, Mississippi State University – Presentation

Cogongrass, Insect Biodiversity and Pine Decline 
N. Loewenstein, Auburn University – Presentation

Integrated Approaches to Cogongrass Management in Florida: From Mines to Pastures 
G. McDonald, University of Florida – Presentation

Imazapyr and Glyphosate Herbicide Rate and Timing Responses for Cogongrass Management in Pine Forests 
Pat Minogue, University of Florida – Presentation

Getting to the Root of the Problem: Cogongrass Patch Eradication is Possible 
J. Aulakh, Auburn – Presentation

Revegetation of Cogongrass Infested Habitats with Native Grass Species Following Herbicidal Treatment 
K. Onokpise, Florida A&M University – Presentation

Successful Cogongrass Suppression using Loblolly Pine Reforestation 
J. Miller, USDA FS – Presentation

Where Do We Go From Here? 
John Byrd, Mississippi State University – Presentation